Our company’s origins go back to 2001, when company founder and CEO, Darrell Stepper, was working for a local IT integrator as their Engineering Team Manager, leading a team of more than 20 engineers. He decided to branch out on his own, knowing he could offer more personalized and customer-centric solutions. He decided the best way to do that was to start his own IT consulting company, Stepper Consulting, Inc.

Stepper Consulting provided the opportunity for Darrell to do what he does best—take care of clients. He worked right alongside his clients’ teams to ensure always-on services, stable networks, and reliable infrastructure. As time went on, Darrell brought on a small team of his own to assist with client support.

Because technology is such a vast and ever-changing landscape, Darrell found himself often searching for better ways to support his clients. Being the visionary that he is, Darrell tirelessly researched and consulted with peers to keep track of technology trends and renovations around the country. The idea of managed services was growing, and soon became the hot topic in the industry.

In 2015, Darrell made the decision to completely transform how Stepper Consulting does business. As a reflection of the change, StepUP IT Services, LLC, the Managed Services Provider (MSP) was born. This was the catalyst for bringing Darrell’s long-time vision to life!



It did not take long to understand and develop our company purpose. It is simple: Happy Clients. StepUP IT Services, LLC represents the type of attitude we want to instill in our team—we step up to the challenges that IT can bring. When our clients are happy, our team is happy, and that is what this is all about; it is our obsession, our motivation, and our focus.  

In somewhat of a contrast to Stepper Consulting, StepUP IT is focused on a more holistic network administration and proactive services approach. Gone are the days of only calling IT support when you need to solve a problem—we are here to make sure the problems never arise in the first place. We are an IT partner, an extension of your team, and an MSP that cares about your organization’s success.

It would not be fair to say the journey has been easy, but it has certainly been fulfilling and extremely rewarding to experience the progress, change, and growth of StepUP IT, thus far. From purchasing our own office building in Eugene, to key employees transitioning to fully remote work as they transition their lives with growing families, and to the pandemic that took the world by storm, our team has stayed strong and eager to continue the journey. We are in this for the long haul!

We are part of a community that takes care of and supports each other. We are proud to say that we support over 50 organizations throughout Oregon, with most of them headquartered right here in the Willamette Valley. We hope you, too, will join us! Take a look around our website for more information about what we do. Give us a call when you are ready or book a call now using the button below.

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Since 2001, StepUP IT Services has been helping businesses in Eugene and throughout Oregon with their technology needs. We are your IT partner. We manage and maintain your technology, empowering your organization to reach its goals. Making you happy is what makes us happy.

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