Moving is a big job, whether you are relocating or opening a new office.

If you were to write a to-do list of everything that needed to be done when relocating or opening an office, your list would be long. It is better to focus your initial energy on the most important areas. You can then drill down further, narrowing your focus as you go through the process.

So, where should you channel your initial energy? Here are the three main areas to consider when relocating or opening a new office.

1. Set Your Budget

A budget must be the starting point.

You might already have a budget you want to spend on the purchase of the new office or the monthly lease. However, you will also need a budget for the process of opening or moving, as you will incur costs.

When developing your office opening or relocation budget, make sure you account for everything, from construction requirements, to furniture, to IT to utility installation. Knowing where you stand upfront is the best approach.

2. Plan Early and Revise Often

Planning as early as possible is arguably the most important part of a successful office opening or relocation.

Even if it is 12 or 18 months ahead of the move, the earlier you can begin planning, the better. Then, make sure to review and revise your plan regularly to stay on track.

Some essential tips when planning an office opening or relocation include:

3. Give IT Sufficient Focus

Some of the biggest complications that can arise during an office opening or relocation project come under the heading of IT.

After all, moving or purchasing a new office chair, for example, is much easier than moving or setting up a new computer.

There are five main areas to think about:

With all the above points and everything else that crops up with IT during an office opening or relocation, it helps to work with an experienced IT vendor. In fact, that advice applies across the board. Even the smallest projects, such as opening a small satellite office, will benefit from expert advice and support, as you will save money and time.

Budget, Plan, and Get the IT Element Right

The summary when opening or relocating offices is to budget well, plan early, and pay special attention to the IT elements of the project.

By focusing on these three areas throughout the process, you will be in a better position to ensure the office opening or relocation is a success.