Executive Digest

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom are appreciated by us and by pretty much the entire global workforce by now. Their ability to make virtual meetings as fruitful as in-person ones has proven that remote work is not only possible, it’s actually better. We spend less on commuting, gas and we’re logging more hours of work as a result of remote work.

However, for all the benefits of increased efficiencies, remote work has downsides that some of us may not have expected or know how to deal with. Many people feel lonelier and even fatigued from the all encompassing digital lifestyle we find ourselves in nowadays.

Here at StepUP IT, we value human interaction and are doing what we can to ensure we don’t lose opportunities to see one another, so long as it’s done safely. However, since none of us will be vaccinated any time soon, we hope this book can give us all some tangible ways to improve our genuine connections with each other; to minimize the negative effects that have come as a results of the constant physical distancing between us.

A Quick Introduction to the book

Dan Schawbel’s Back to Human helps managers understand why many of us feel that our relationships with colleagues are sub-par despite the great technology we have; it aims to help us understand how managers can assist in fostering genuine connections.

The author studies over 2,000 managers and employees across different age groups and reveals why virtual communication can contribute to more isolation if it isn’t controlled better.

Below are the notes of Part 1: Master Self Connection, but if you would like to listen to the summary of the entire book while doing mindless chores or during a drive, you can listen from here!

Part 1: Master Self Connection

Focus on Fulfillment

Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, we all have a basic human need to connect with others and feel like you matter. Being able to fulfill this personal need leads us to become more productive and successful in our personal and professional lives. There are 5 key factors of personal fulfillment that you should focus on to ensure you’re living a well-balanced and meaningful life:

Optimize Your Productivity

This might not be a surprise but, text messages and emails are competing for our time with human connection, and unfortunately, technology seems to be winning. Although technology has greatly helped us during times where physical presence/connection isn’t an option, it has also hindered our productivity. Here are 3 Actions to Optimize Productivity and become more efficient.

Practice Shared Learning

As a leader, it’s crucial to understand that team success is driven by the sharing of knowledge. A leader and team members must be open to give and to receive knowledge. This free flow of information is great for business. By collaborating with your team, you’ll be able to acquire information more quickly, retain better knowledge, and be able to apply it in new innovative ways. The following are recommendations for creating a culture of shared learning: