A New Approach to MSP Pricing: Value-Based Pricing and Outcome-Driven Contracts

pricing model

Maybe you’ve never given too much thought to the pricing model of your MSP contract, but as times change, so should your pricing model. Value-based and outcome-given models are advantageous to your business because they are more transparent and more customizable than conventional cost-plus pricing plans. These pricing models are also beneficial because they work for all shapes, sizes, and sectors of SMBs.

Is Cloud Migration the Right Choice for Your SMB?

cloud migration

Welcome to the era of the cloud, where businesses can transcend the limitations of physical infrastructure and embrace the limitless possibilities offered by platforms like Microsoft Azure. As an SMB owner, it’s crucial to evaluate the feasibility and advantages of shifting from your traditional on-premises setup to a cloud-based future. This post will provide you with a consideration checklist, along with specific examples, to assist you in making an informed decision.