Cloud and Collaboration – Get Your Team On Board!


These days, using cloud and collaboration systems for your business’s needs makes a lot of sense. Cloud storage servers for data, software as a service (Saas) programs, workflow, communication, and social media apps can all contribute to helping you save space, time, and money. But what happens when your employees aren’t on board with all your cloud systems?

Too Many Cloud Apps to Choose From!


Cloud apps and SaaS are a popular business model because they are easy to set up and can be used across multiple interfaces, such as phones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers. Because they are often user-based, you can have one license for an employee to install the app across all their devices. This also makes SaaS scalable with your business—you can add features, users, and licenses as you add employees or expand your enterprises.

Ensuring a Secure Onboarding Process for New Employees

Onboarding new staff members can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. While it symbolizes growth and new opportunities for your organization, it’s crucial to implement the necessary measures to guarantee a secure and seamless integration.

Security Awareness Training in Eugene for Remote Workers

The proverb, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, applies to a variety of situations, but especially in the context of the security awareness of a company’s employees. A simple click on a phishing link can expose a company to major losses, both financially and information-wise. Unfortunately, remote work increases the chances of employees […]

Microsoft Teams Setup Tips for Eugene Businesses

As businesses in Eugene and throughout Oregon adjust to the hybrid “office and home” work model, workers and managers alike are trying to figure out what tools are available and how they can maximize their benefits. Microsoft Teams is now a major player. While Teams is easy to activate and use at a basic level, […]

Microsoft 365 Post- Migration Considerations

Were you one of the organizations in Eugene that migrated to Microsoft 365 in a hurry last year? Have you been unimpressed with the results? If the answer is yes, running a post-migration check-up could help you identify the areas that are making your experience sub-par. A post-migration check will give you peace of mind […]