Tech champions are individuals within your team who exhibit a passion for technology and a drive for excellence. They’re the ones who embrace new applications and technologies with enthusiasm, often acting as early adopters and influencers among their peers. But why should you invest in developing tech champions, and how can budgeting for their development impact your organization?

Identifying Your Tech Champions

  • Look for individuals passionate about technology and eager to explore new tools.
  • Identify employees who consistently display a drive for excellence and a proactive approach to learning.
  • Recognize those who actively seek opportunities to enhance their tech skills and consistently apply them to their work.
  • Consider creating a team from different departments or areas of expertise to maximize their influence.


Tech champions often exhibit specific qualities that set them apart. They are enthusiastic about technology and embrace new tools with eagerness. Recognizing these qualities and identifying potential champions is the first step in developing them to their full potential. It’s like nurturing a valuable asset within your team.

Budgeting to Train

  • Allocate budget for specialized training and certification programs.
  • Implement mentorship and coaching programs for champion development.
  • Embrace cross-training and interdisciplinary learning to foster well-rounded tech champions.
  • Understand that investing in champion development has long-term benefits for both individuals and the organization.

Investing in your tech champions’ development requires budget allocation for specialized training programs. This can include certifications, workshops, and courses that enhance their technical skills. But it’s not just about formal training; mentorship and coaching programs are equally vital.

Cross-training and interdisciplinary learning can foster well-rounded tech champions who excel not only in their expertise but also in their ability to collaborate across teams and departments. After that, recognize that this investment yields long-term benefits, both for the individual and the organization.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

  • Create a culture that encourages innovation and tech leadership.
  • Develop innovation and idea incubators that empower the team to thrive.
  • Organize innovation labs, hackathons, and collaborative projects to fuel their creativity.
  • Recognize that leadership is crucial in setting an example for development and innovation.


Fostering a culture of innovation is essential to fully unlock the potential of your tech champions. By creating an environment that values creativity and tech leadership, you empower them to thrive.

Innovation and idea incubators, alongside activities like innovation labs, hackathons, and collaborative projects, provide platforms for tech champions to shine. Above all, leadership also plays a critical role in setting an example and encouraging others to follow suit.

Measuring the Impact

  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the influence on technology adoption and innovation.
  • Collect feedback and testimonials from team members regarding the impact of tech champions.
  • Understand that even with an MSP or technology provider, an in-house tech champion is still worth it.

To ensure that your investment is paying off, you must measure their impact. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) that help assess how they influence technology adoption and innovation.

After that, collecting feedback and testimonials from team members can provide valuable insights into the difference tech champions make. Remember, even if you have an MSP or technology provider, an in-house tech champion can bridge the gap, mentoring others and reducing the reliance on external providers for minor requests.

Who Will Be Your Champions?

Incorporating the development of tech champions into your budget is an investment in innovation, technology leadership, and the future success of your organization. Well-developed champions can be a driving force in enhancing your team’s technical proficiency and driving innovation. If you’d like to learn more about developing tech champions and maximizing their benefits, get in touch. IT professionals are available to answer all your questions.

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