Business moves fast, and technology moves even faster. Managed service providers, or MSPs, are becoming increasingly critical partners in providing IT support to keep companies up and running. AND AHEAD OF THE CURVE. After all, time is money, and your business can’t afford downtime. Maybe you’re considering an MSP, but you’re not sure if one is right for you. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what an MSP is and does. So, let’s dispel some myths to help you make an informed decision about what’s best for your business.

Myth #1: MSPs are Only for Large Businesses

Maybe you’ve heard that MSPs are only for large business enterprises, but nothing could be further from the truth. MSPs are tremendous partners for businesses of all sizes. That’s because the IT services they provide can be flexible and scaled to meet specific needs. MSP plans can be customized to fit any business. Choose from services that range from everyday IT support and maintenance to cybersecurity, technology road mapping, and optimization.

SMBs can benefit from an MSP partnership because the smaller the business, the more hats everyone needs to wear. An MSP takes the worry out of your technology. They let you and your employees focus on what matters most—running your business, building client relationships, and boosting your bottom line. The time saved by an SMB that doesn’t have to stress out about tech is well worth the money spent on an MSP. Return on investment is wonderful, but peace of mind is invaluable.

Myth #2: MSPs Only Offer Reactive Solutions

Our second myth is that MSPs only come around when something’s gone awry. Again, that’s simply not true. An MSP isn’t any old break-fix outsourced IT service. An MSP is there for you all the time, whether things are humming along or if they aren’t. Modern MSP services include preventative maintenance and continuous monitoring.

A proactive approach to IT maintenance and monitoring means you’ll experience less downtime and increased productivity, and that’s never a bad thing. When you know that your MSP is working hard to ensure that your tech is optimized to perform how it should, when it should, and at its best, you truly recognize that your MSP is a partner who is looking out for your best interests.

Myth #3: MSPs Are an Unnecessary Expense

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that an MSP is an unnecessary or unaffordable expense. Instead, you should think of partnering with an MSP as a strategic investment in your business. Reduced downtime, streamlined processes, greater efficiency and productivity, and decreased overall IT expenses are all part of your return on investment. Because MSPs are proactive, not reactive, they can identify and resolve any concerns before they turn into costly delays or lengthy disruptions. Meaning, you should consider an MSP to be an integral part of your business’s operations.

With an MSP on your side, your employees have more time to focus on their tasks, which further boosts productivity. You can empower your staff to give you their best every day, accomplishing their objectives without worry of a major tech malfunction or failure.

Myth #4: MSPs Are One-Size-Fits-All

One reason that many businesses shy away from partnering with an MSP is that they’re worried about paying for services they don’t need. Conversely, some worry that they won’t be able to get all the services they want. The good news is that’s not the case. MSPs are able to flexibly price and scale service packages that meet all your specific needs and wants. They are able to tailor solutions to your business.

Do you have a small workforce but a lot of hardware? An MSP can set you up with a plan that makes sure none of your equipment warranties fall through the cracks and handles vendors as needed. Maybe you run a lot of software that collects sensitive data. An upgraded security package might be the right fit for you. Whatever your industry or business model, an MSP sees you as unique and helps you create the most effective package and IT strategies for your needs.

Myth #5: MSPs Can Compromise Security

The last misconception we’ll debunk is that MSPs can compromise your cybersecurity, and some people do think that the more people who have access to their data assets, the more chance there is for a breach. While that generalization may have some truth to it, reputable MSPs are not part of the problem; they’re part of the solution. The IT professionals at MSPs are trained and experienced in managing security risks and keeping stringent protocols in place to protect your data.

In fact, partnering with an MSP is a terrific way to enhance your cybersecurity. Your MSP will continually monitor your assets, put measures in place to protect them, and help you formulate a mitigation plan should you be the victim of a breach or attack. Whether by ransomware, malware, user error, or another incident, having stop-gap and recovery protocols in place is critical to your cybersecurity, and an MSP can help you formulate, update, and enact those plans.

Want to Learn More?

There it is: MSPs are for businesses of all sizes, MSPs offer proactive services, MSPs aren’t a luxury expense, MSPs can tailor solutions for your unique business, and MSPs don’t compromise security; they enhance it. With the Top 5 misconceptions about MSPs debunked, you might be curious about how you can learn more about partnering with your local Managed Services Provider. Send us a message today. Experienced IT professionals are here to answer all your questions, and that’s no myth!

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