vCIO Impact on SMBs

The base salary for a full-time CIO can be as high as $254,000 per year, which is why many SMBs don’t have the resources to hire a CIO. 

Meanwhile, SMBs know they need a CIO to help their IT evolve and expand with today’s changing business needs. As a result, many SMBs have turned to virtual CIOs for a more budget-friendly solution.  

Choosing an experienced vCIO can have far-reaching impacts for your company. They will be able to look at your IT systems to determine if they align with your C-level executives’ current expectations and goals. Then, they can use proven strategies to create a custom-designed IT plan to help your business thrive in various ways

Let’s look at the positive impact a vCIO can have on your SMB.

How Does a vCIO Impact SMBs?

  • Facilitating cross-departmental conversations: A vCIO can be the critical link between departments to start conversations about how IT can help meet business goals. A vCIO’s expertise and experience can provide the proper voice for internal stakeholders to understand the value of moving forward with an IT project.
  • Updating strategic roadmaps: A vCIO has the appropriate experience to help your company create an up-to-date vision. They keep up with current industry trends and increase your company’s readiness for the future to avoid disruptions in productivity and profitability. 
  • Reducing risks through security resources: A vCIO has extensive knowledge that can help reveal the areas where your IT system may be vulnerable to security breaches. They can help your company comply with security requirements and decrease the risk of your company being victim to a devastating cyberattack.

How Can a vCIO Help Your Business?

  • Reduce IT costs: A vCIO can help project upcoming IT expenses for a more efficient budget.
  • Improve company agility: A vCIO can help your company quickly change course to match new business goals and help your IT systems match the rapid changes required in today’s business world. 
  • Spearhead IT projects: A vCIO can help you with IT projects related to backup and disaster recovery, network design, and network and security assessment. 
  • Align IT with business objectives: A vCIO can align your IT and business goals. When your IT and business goals align, you’re better able to use technology tools to harness data, improve communication, complete tasks, and move in the direction you want for your business. 
  • Create a strategic success plan: A vCIO is a proactive team member that can help you plan for new IT projects that can improve your business’s outcomes, making long-term and short-term plans based on your company’s needs and budget.

Affected Business KPIs

C-level executives can expect significant changes in key performance indicators (KPIs) after hiring a vCIO. You’ll see these measurable changes after following the strategic roadmap your vCIO.

  • Faster project completion times: Improved and more efficient technology in line with your business goals.
  • Improved security requirement compliance: Expert knowledge from a vCIO can increase security compliance and reduce vulnerability issues. 
  • Lowered IT costs: Planned budgeting of IT equipment and software updates and replacement over time can reduce expenses from unplanned downtimes.  
  • Increased job satisfaction: Employees who can do their job more quickly and efficiently with software and hardware that meet their needs are happier.

Final Thoughts on a vCIO’s Impact on SMBs

As you can see, hiring a vCIO can help you reach your business goals through IT, reduce risks and costs, and bring various, measurable improvements to your company. 


When you choose StepUP IT for your vCIO needs, we will provide a deep assessment of your company’s unique needs, challenges, and how we can use IT to reach your goals. Our experienced teams can provide a variety of services that will help you fill in any gaps and create a technology roadmap to help your company become more successful and secure in the future.


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