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Hey there tech whizzes! Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Look no further than StepUP IT Services! Our team is all about fostering a fun and inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive. We’re always searching for talented individuals who are passionate about technology and eager to make their mark on the industry.  Join us and discover the endless opportunities for growth and learning that await. Plus, we’re committed to investing in your development and giving you all the tools you need to succeed. Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure – choose StepUP IT Services for your next career move!


Our team is all about creating a positive and supportive atmosphere where we encourage each other to push boundaries and reach our full potential. Because of this, we believe in authentic connections, fostering teamwork, and open communication channels that allow us to learn from one another and achieve greatness together. Our leaders have always got your back and are ready to offer their guidance and support whenever you need it. So, get ready to spread good vibes, collaborate, and shine.

Equal Opportunity

Diversity is not just a buzzword, but the foundation of our success. We strive to create an inclusive workplace environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to shine. We cherish and value the unique abilities, experiences, and perspectives that each member of our team brings to the table. Our commitment to creating a level playing field for all is evident in our fair and transparent hiring and promotion processes. We look forward to continuing to inspire and support one another to achieve our fullest potential.


We’re all about keeping you happy and healthy. We want you to be able to focus on your personal life just as much as your professional life. A happy, fulfilled life outside of work is key to doing your best job while you’re here with us. Above all, we care about our awesome employees and do everything we can to foster an environment that supports your growth both personally and professionally. Know you’re joining a team that values your well-being and a healthy work-life balance.


We give employee engagement a lot of love and attention. Why? Well, we think that engaged employees are happier, more productive, and all-around awesome. So we put together all sorts of fun stuff to get everyone excited about coming to work. Also, we have team-building activities, training sessions, and we even throw some pretty great social events. But that’s not all! We also want to hear from our employees about how we can make things even better. After all, happy employees = happy workplace, and that’s our goal at StepUP!

Pay and Benefits

Once you join our exceptional team, you can expect a competitive salary package that aligns with your valuable skillset and extensive experience! We are confident that you will bring your best work forward, and as a result, we are proud to offer benefits that have your best interest at heart. It’s another way for us to show how much we value your time and efforts. From healthcare reimbursement to retirement options, we are committed to taking care of your well-being while providing plentiful chances for career growth and development. We appreciate all that you bring to the table and believe that you deserve nothing but the best!

  • 401(k) Matching up to 4%
  • Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement up to $475/month
  • Telemedicine Plan at no cost to employee
  • Paid Time Off minimum 2+ weeks first year plus paid holidays
  • Internet Reimbursement up to $50/month
  • Cell Phone Reimbursement up to $50/month
  • Mileage Reimbursement at federal rate
  • Employer provided equipment: computer, monitors, phone
  • Professional Development Program and Training Allowance

A workstation deployment specialist is responsible for managing the deployment and configuration of workstations, computers, and software. Overall, a workstation deployment specialist plays a crucial role in ensuring that workstations are properly deployed, configured, and functioning optimally for the organization's employees. They strive to create a stable and efficient workstation environment that enables users to perform their tasks effectively.

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Hey there IT whiz, are you ready to take on the role of a workstation deployment specialist?

Here are some of the qualities required for this gig:

  • Technical skills, troubleshoot like a boss
  • Be best friends with computer systems and networks
  • Organized and detail-oriented (not like that junk drawer in the kitchen)
  • Super-human communication skills
  • Always put the customer first and stay cool under pressure (think 007).
  • Strive for exceptional service delivery to keep the team happy


  • Must be well-versed with building, setting up, and deployment of workstations in various Client environments.
  • Must have 2 year hands-on experience with imaging, deploying, and troubleshooting issues encountered in the process, including auto-deployment techniques.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or related field), or relevant work experience
  • 5+ years technical experience with increasing responsibility
  • Experience with Windows-based production environments
  • Ability to assess a broad range of technologies including LAN/WAN, VPN, IPD, and overall network and systems management
  • Understanding and administration of network services (TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Excellent customer service, communication, written and organizational skills
  • Ambition to succeed as a Team Player
  • Motivation to meet Company defined goals
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Must have valid Driver's License and reliable vehicle for transportation


  • Azure AD, Intune, AutoPilot configuration and deployment
  • IT Help Desk experience
  • Experience with network switch and wireless access point administration
  • Familiarity with Windows Server and administering Active Directory user accounts and Group Policy


  • Work with procurement team to ensure appropriate and specific hardware and software addressing each user’s needs and requirements.
  • Software deployment to workstations including familiarity with Client network configuration (workgroup, domain, etc.) and configure settings on workstations appropriately (join to local domain, Azure AD, Intune, or AutoPilot, etc.).
  • Should have an in-depth understanding of all StepUP IT Services business software and company processes and methodologies.
  • Develop, document, and maintain deployment automation methods; increase efficiency.
  • Audit workstations in the Client environment.
  • Maintain workstation deployment documentation using StepUP IT Services business tools and software.
  • Create and maintain workstations and user group standards documention in IT Glue.
  • Manage user and computer accounts, profiles, and policies as needed to ensure proper configuration.
  • Configure VPN connectivity for remote users and ensure proper connectivity in Client’s specific work environment (if Client working from home, satellite office, etc.).
  • Assist or provide network administration functions such as implementing e-mail accounts, managing data, modifying network profiles, and recovering passwords.
  • Work with new members of the organization to understand the capabilities and limitations of working on the Client network.
  • Replace or Migrate data on new or old computers.
  • Manage and deploy new computers and peripherals and other end-user devices upon request and in line with refresh cycles.
  • Perform upgrades to existing computers and other end-user devices.
  • Re-provision computers for new users and user changes.
  • Observe proper disposal processes for replaced workstations as required.
  • Communicate with end users to identify areas where the migration process can be better explained or modified.
  • Ensure deployment is complete and verified by user and Client organizational requirements, to eliminate call-backs regarding incomplete deployment. (Get it right the first time).


Being a workstation deployment specialist for a managed service provider is like having a secret identity as a superhero! You get to swoop in and save the day for different clients, armed with the latest technology. It's your responsibility to make sure that new workstations are up and running smoothly, with software installed to perfection and security measures in place to keep the bad actors at bay.

But if trouble does pop up, you'll have the chance to be a hero, working with your team to track down the culprit and get everything back on track. And because each business has its own technological quirks, you'll get to learn new tricks all the time, just like a superhero always has to be ready for a new challenge.

So if you're ready to don your superhero cape and be a key player in keeping client operations running like a well-oiled machine, join us as a workstation deployment specialist today!

StepUP IT  Senior Engineers are responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, and troubleshooting of a variety of network projects and support. They work as a part of and alongside our Support, Professional Services, and Technology Alignment teams to help evaluate, build, and our clients’ infrastructure. This position holds a high-level autonomy, fitting for someone with a strong work ethic and commitment to getting things done the right way. We offer three roles within our Senior Network Engineering positions: (1) Service Delivery and Escalations Engineer, (2) Technology Alignment Manager (TAM), and (3) Professional Services Engineer.

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Service Delivery Engineers

Service Delivery is tasked with responding to Live and Scheduled support events.

Technology Alignment Managers

Technology Alignment Managers (TAM) are the center of our Proven Process and service-delivery promise. TAMs work closely with our vCIOs and clients to provide measurable progress toward technology alignment, and once obtained, maintained. This role is tasked with keeping with technology in check, always working for the client in the most efficient way possible, and in support of their organizational goals. TAMs see the whole picture and they keep the noise at a minimum. Think of the TAM as the command post.

Professional Services Engineers

Professional Services Engineers work primarily in projects, or work otherwise not covered under the terms of a Managed Services Agreement. This role also works closely with TAMs toward technology alignment. Typical projects for our engineers include implementations, migrations, and upgrades.

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