Internal IT Gets a Boost

How a small IT team went from overwhelmed to in-total-control, almost overnight, with a new toolset!

Having several users, spread across the nation at remote worksites, Client B was able to restructure how they manage and maintain their internal IT support systems with the help of a powerhouse toolset.

Background Information

Client B has an internal department that manages over 100 users, spread across 15+ locations in their manufacturing, call center, and retail sites. Their IT department consists of one IT manager and one IT assistant. Without a toolset of their own to manage their end-user support and collaborative infrastructure support with StepUP IT, Client B was in search of a solution to meet their needs. The solution needed to be comprehensive enough to function as a full-service help desk, CRM, and Professional Services Automation tool.

Client B needed a way to (1) manage their IT assets, including remote access, (2) store and maintain documentation, (3) securely store password data, (4) submit, enter time against, and set statuses on support tickets, (5) allow end-users to submit requests for IT support, and (6) collaborate with StepUP IT support.

The Challenge

Toolsets are expensive for single entities to invest in. They often require a large upfront monetary investment, as well as many hours of implementation and training. Due to the co-managed nature of Client B and StepUP IT, a collaborative toolset was required—one that both Client B and StepUP IT could access independently and shared on an as-needed basis.

The Solution

After studying the needs of Client B and learning their goals, StepUP IT developed a full-service Help Desk solution that would take little time to implement and train and met all of their goals. It was an ideal solution to offer, as StepUP IT already had the knowledge to develop and maintain it.

Client B was provided with a comprehensive solution:

  1. Robust online documentation system for storing detailed IT asset information, network documentation, and passwords. This system was independent of StepUP IT, yet linked for shared access between organizations.
  2. Online remote monitoring and alerting system, with remote access tools, reporting, and asset management. Site-level access was provided to the StepUP IT system for this tool, ensuring zero-need for duplicate asset management.
  3. Online ticket management system, including contact, time, and report management. This tool allowed for the Client B to work independent of StepUP IT and dependent on StepUP IT, with a sharing function for tickets to be used on an as-needed basis. Site-level access was provided to the StepUP IT system for this tool, ensuring zero-need for duplicate data entry, as well as 24/7 access and availability.
  4. Dedicated email inbox within StepUP IT environment for end-users to send in requests for IT support, managed by StepUP IT personnel, with automated notifications to end-users.
  5. Phone call ticket creation by StepUP IT personnel for end-users.
  6. Dedicated scheduling assistant with access to Client B IT manager’s calendar.
  7. Emergency contact workflow for before and after standard business hours support requests.

In one year alone, Client B had over 1,400 support tickets created for their organization’s users. With the time saved by StepUP IT taking care of user reports and scheduling, Client B was able to efficiently triage and prioritize their tickets and maintain their documentation in a sustainable way. User requests and issues were handled quicker, the IT department was more organized, and IT assets were fully documented. After several years with the StepUP IT solution and recognizing the value, Client B had continued to grow and was able to successfully deploy their own toolsets. StepUP IT bridged the gap for them when they needed it.

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