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Funnies are for the people that need a short break. Why have a boring old bad day when you can have a hilarious one instead? Remember, laughter is the ultimate cure for a frown that just won’t quit! So, come on and laugh with us! Interested in being featured on this page? Check our Careers page to see who we’re looking for.

Funny Quotes from the Team

Guess what? We have discovered the ultimate antidote to boring office life! With a team that’s always up for some laughs and good vibes, our office isn’t just a place to work, it’s a place to have an fun. It’s incredible what a few well-timed jokes or sarcastic comments can do to amp up the positive energy around here.

We’ve shown off some serious wit and humor in our office chat over the past couple of months, and we think it’s high time to share the wealth. We’ve captured some of the funniest quotes and quips ever uttered by our hilarious colleagues, and you can bet they’ll tickle your funny bone. Get ready to burst with laughter as we dive into these epic moments of office banter!

Can you make a new ticket Status for "Too Hard"?

Are we talkin' about the 5 month rule instead of the 5 second rule?

This concludes todays episode of silly things our Office Manager makes us do...

Lukas forgot to read the Trainual.

I'm just saying.. we could have many people napping at one time.

Just put them in a big circle in the middle of the room.  They can solve problems "ritual style"!

Dude. Quit flexin' on how cool your family is. Some of us are peasants.

I mean, if you haven't vacuumed under your desk in a while, there might be snacks.

I erroneously assumed the details would be in the ticket.

I was wondering what happened to my suitcase.

Barry could put snacks inside.

As long as I don't get left with the porcelain throne.

Funny Just Because

We’ve got just the thing to put a grin on that face of yours.

These hilarious snaps have all the silly antics you need to lighten up your day.

darrell ice cream blooper

Darrell flaunting his new mustache.

barry headphones blooper

Barry. AKA Kirby. He said it; not us.

lukas halloween blooper

Lukas looking suave as ever.

nicole brandy darrell blooper

Nicole, Brandy, and Darrell having a

little too much fun at the campsite.

toilet blooper

Fun times.

lukas on desk blooper

Lukas going against the

rules for active drill practice.

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