We are a diverse group of individuals that make up an exceptional team! Our roles are separated into smaller teams, working together to bring each of our best assets forward in support of our clients.


 Darrell Stepper, Founder & CEO

Darrell Stepper—our leader, our chief, and our captain—dedicates his business to his team and his clients. Darrell has a passion for serving our clients and providing rewarding opportunities for StepUP. If we were to give only a single label that encompasses Darrell’s contributions, it would be Visionary. His vision and drive serve as a constant reminder and example of what it means to be great. He cares deeply about the team that works alongside him in support of his vision, not to be outweighed by his obsession for exemplary customer service and the client experience. Darrell has a favorite quote that explains him well: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt

Darrell has a longstanding career as an IT Professional, in addition to his time spent serving our country as a Space Operations Officer in the US Air Force. He has done it all! He has a degree in Computer Science, and has worked in support, sales, consulting, professional services, and management. Today, we find him spending most of his time on strategic planning with clients and working to solidify our new and existing relationships. Darrell is a people-person—it is what he loves most and is best at!

Not only are we able to solve complex issues with Darrell serving in Leadership, we constantly have the Visionary present as a guide and to keep us on our toes.

Darrell’s best quality: his ability to inspire others.

One of Darrell’s notable accomplishments: building a company from the ground up, which supports clients and provides a stable and comfortable environment for his team.

Where you might find Darrell outside of work: at home on the ranch, working with his angus cattle, fishing on a high dessert lake in central Oregon, or mountain biking in the western Cascades.

How to connect with Darrell and learn more about him: Darrell on LinkedIn

Dwayne Bull, Operations Director

Dwayne Bull joined our team as Operations Director in 2019. His experience serving our country in the United States Navy has proven highly valuable in our workplace—he is perseverant and patient, bringing out the best qualities of those around him. He is engaging and thoughtful in how he works with others, including our clients. His professional goals are focused on providing the best possible experience for our team and our clients. He works hard to maintain stability and consistency in our service delivery, while at the same supporting StepUP’s plan for growth by remaining open and inspired by change.

You may find Dwayne combing through KPI data to analyze service-delivery trends, reaching out to a client to discuss their support experience, or hosting an engineer meeting, but no matter what, Dwayne is always working on a way to improve how we do things.

As a member of our Leadership Team, Dwayne brings a vast array of professional experience and real-world application to our internal strategic planning. He contributes to the Leadership Team in a way that exemplifies his own values, as well as a represents our operational team.

Dwayne’s best quality: his life experience—he has an uncanny ability to relate to anyone about anything! Oh, and his unrelenting talent to win at any trivia game.

One of Dwayne’s notable accomplishments: making the decision to combine his technology and operations experience into a career. The decision has opened many doors for Dwayne, including joining our StepUP team!

Where you might find Dwayne outside of work: enjoying nature as an amateur photographer, fly fishing, camping, or simply driving and taking in the scenery.

How to connect with Dwayne and learn more about him: Dwayne on LinkedIn

Nicole Stanley, Administrative Director

Nicole joined the StepUP team in 2014 and currently serves as the Administrative Director. As a former business owner, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge and business sense to the table. She also holds a degree in marketing and with her extensive accounting experience she ensures that Stepup remains financially sound in all areas.

In her current role, she directs our Admin, Payroll, Human Resources, and Marketing departments. She also sits on the Leadership Team and helps guide company initiatives and strategic direction. She has a great ability to better organize anything she touches with a great deal of tact as to not alienate anyone in the process.

Nicole’s passion to help anyone in need along with her quick-witted sense of humor serves her well. With a strong work ethic and impeccable attention to detail, Nicole leads by example and gets the job done. She is the backbone of the company and the glue that holds it all together.

Nicole’s best quality: her ability to take a raw idea or concept and transform it into an actionable plan.

One of Nicole’s notable accomplishments: implementing our Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) system—a system of business concepts and principles that have transformed the way we execute and work together to run a successful business.

Where you might find Nicole outside of work: at the ranch with her horse or at the patio café eating cheese fries.

How to connect with Nicole and learn more about her: Nicole on LinkedIn

Technology Alignment

Technology Alignment is the practice of aligning your technology with standards. This process is done in unison with two key roles—Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) and Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)—collectively known as, the Technology Alignment Process (TAP) Team. Our TAMs are the proactive genius behind our proven process, and our vCIOs work on building technology roadmaps according to your goals and the defined standards. Our TAMs and vCIOs are not only well-versed in technology standards, but they also understand how technology works and the business impact it has. They meet with clients on a recurring basis to ensure complete alignment and consistent growth.


Our Support Team is our frontline staff. They are the people that are responding to your technical support and troubleshooting requests. You can think of them as your Help Desk. They also work in support of our other teams, adding hands-on resources for Professional Services projects and TAP remediation tasks. These are the friendly faces that are ready when you need them. They even work on-call for afterhours support!

Centralized Services

Our Centralized Services team is rarely seen or heard, yet always present and working behind the scenes. They ensure the tools and applications we use to keep your services running in tip-top shape are always functioning at optimal levels, driving efficiency for our team, and decreasing the number of reactive issues. They facilitate changes and upgrades for things like our remote monitoring and alerting system to keep up with adjustments and vulnerabilities.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is often referred to as our project team. This is the team of highly specialized engineers that bring your new technology to life. They work closely with the TAP team to ensure technology alignment with best-practices and standards. Whether it is a project to replace all your computers, migrating your on-premises server to the cloud, or getting a tight grip on network security, our Professional Services team has you covered!

Since 2001, StepUP IT Services has been helping businesses in Eugene and throughout Oregon with their technology needs. We are your IT partner. We manage and maintain your technology, empowering your organization to reach its goals. Making you happy is what makes us happy.

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